2 Years of Daily Drawing Time for Year 3- Painting šŸ’š

Mindful Mandala Drawing, Spain, Hula-hoops and my first solo travel adventureĀ 

I am lucky to be spending 3 weeks in Spain, I am going on an adventure. I get to paint and draw, and see new and wonderful things, to be honest I am more than excited, just need to get away and when I return I will be ready for the next part of my creative life.Time to getĀ my Etsy shop and website up and running and put 100% in to my business. I am an artist and that is my future. Where it takes me who knows but I am ready.

My art kit, for my adventure.

I am spending 4 days in Barcelona with my lovely friend we will be celebrating my birthday, I love Barcelona it’s so beautiful and vibrant and of course filled with the beautiful architecture of Gaudi

Then of to a beautiful mansion to attend the Spanish Hoop holiday,it’s an hour from Girona in the middle of know where and it’s so amazing, time to recharge my batteries.Ā I will be hula-hooping , swimming in a pool and just relaxing and enjoying being with my hoopy friends from far and wide, and meeting new ones.

This wonderful photo taken by the very talented Joshua Smythe says it all.

I will be running my 1st Mindful Mandala Drawing Workshop , it’s very special to me to be going back there as 3 years ago I ran my 1st Mandala drawing workshop , I was so nervous but if I had not taken that step IĀ doubtĀ my love of Mandalas and the benefits of drawing then would have evolved to what it is now.

Mindful Mandala Drawing

Writing this post and reflecting back IĀ have achieved loads over the last 3 years, personally I have become calmer ,happier and able to deal with situations in a more relaxed way. But the big thing is I like myself and being in my own company,my creative side has bloomed and now could not imagine my life with out daily creativity.

I had some postcards printed Ā to take with me and sell,its fantastic seeing my designs in print so pleased how they turned out.

Very happy with my postcards


After the week with my friends I leave them to travel to Granada, this will be the 1st solo traveling I have ever done. I need to do this as I want to travel alone have adventures, draw and explore ,Ā sit and sketch people and take in the surroundings at my pace. I haveĀ time to think and make plans, set goals and draw.

I have been away when I was 17Ā me and 2 friends went inter-railing for a month, ended up in the Greek islands. Ā When my son was 9 we wentĀ to Thailand, for a monthĀ withĀ friends. I visit France regally

Me and Sunny in Koh Pha Ngan 2000
Me and my lovely Sunny having lunch in the sunshine 2016

So at the age of 46 (as of next week) I will be traveling to Granada , I am so excited, scared Ā all rolled into one.I have been practicing my Spanish for quite a while now and am ready to practice for real, I understand stuff but need to get the confidence to speak it.

I have found my self a lovely room in an apartment through Airbnb and will be spending a week there getting to know Granada I have booked a ticket for the Alhambra and have my art kit ready

When I leave Granada I am flying back via Paris a place I have only been very briefly when I was inte-railingĀ , we left the station to get coffee and then got back on the train only staying in Paris for an hour.Ā I will be spending 2 days there with a friend who will be showing me around it will be a lovely end to a fantastic holiday.

So here I go on the next chapter of my life, my sons grown up and living in his own place, working and doing his thing.(He is a very good artistĀ very different from me lol) Now itsĀ time for me, I look forward to sharing my experienceĀ of my adventureĀ when I return.

You can follow my Daily People Sketching and other drawing of my trip on InstagramĀ 

Thank you for reading this šŸ™‚

My World Drawing Challenge – Wk 3 Round-up

Week 3 already and a lot is going on in my world. firstly I am loving my daily drawing challenge, even the days when IĀ have been working on something else and it getting late, the commitment is made IĀ must draw something everyday and IĀ do with surprising results. I do love to draw and even after 3 weeks IĀ am improving. Yay!! It’s all about practice.

SoĀ this week I have been working on my Journal cover for BootcampĀ which IĀ have been enjoying so much , lovely and supportive group and it gets me out of my comfort zone, fromĀ the initial briefĀ and the colour palette. I promised myself that IĀ would stick with the colour palette given as IĀ tend to go with onesĀ with colours IĀ like. I will post the finished piece in next weeks update.

This week IĀ pushed myself and drew my first self-portrait in over 10 years!!!! it was a very hard thing to do but also quite liberating , looking at yourself in such detail is an eye opener. I will be doing more, IĀ thought 1 a month is reasonable.

I love drawing  Mandalas, very good way to calm the mind, and to draw without any idea how its going to turn out. its just about the process :)
I love drawing Mandalas, very good way to calm the mind, and to draw without any idea how its going to turn out. its just about the process šŸ™‚
My 1st self-portrait !!!!!!!
My 1st self-portrait !!!!!!!
I love Bird and Bear :)
I love Bird and Bear šŸ™‚
I love little tins, found this at a carboot sale :)
I love little tins, found this at a carboot sale šŸ™‚
I was inspired by the little tin, I love things in pots.
I was inspired by the little tin, I love things in pots.
Thai is my most favorite drawing tool my lamy fine nib fountain pen :)
Thai is my most favorite drawing tool my lamy fine nib fountain pen šŸ™‚
This little drawing was inspired by poppyhead and little pots :)
This little drawing was inspired by poppyhead and little pots šŸ™‚

the wonderful thing is,I have so many ideas for designs and illustrations, just from my daily drawings, it makes me very happy šŸ™‚

You can see more of my work on instagramĀ and on Facebook Amanda Claire Designs

Thank you so much for reading this, creativity is so important in our lives, it makes us feel good and takes us away and puts us in our own little world.

I am blessed and happy that IĀ have finally made time to follow my creative path and IĀ am so excited, who knows what is just around the corner šŸ™‚

My World Drawing Challenge 2015

Wow 2014 has been the most creative year of my life, finally finding my artistic purpose, I have kept sketchbooks for years and now know how to bring the drawings inside alive. I have taken part in two fantastic on-line courses The Art of Business and Surface Pattern Design, module 1 and 2, check out the link to find out more.Ā  https://makeitindesign.com/

I have now got a wonderful creative space to create designs, draw or just stare out of the window and enjoy my amazing view. I gave up my job in the week and now just work weekends which pays the bills and alows me the freedom to follow my dreams.I feel confident in my in my artistc ability and have started to really find my style with my designs and I feel great, in fact it the happist I have felt in a long time.I am excited to see what 2015 brings. šŸ™‚

I understand the importance of practice. So I decided to set myself a daily drawing challenge for 2015 I have called it My World..
My goals for this challenge are…
1. Draw something from my world daily.
2. Experiment with mediums.
3. Draw things I might not usually.
4. Post on Instagram and Facebook daily.
5. Do a weekly roundup on my blog .
6. Most of all Enjoy the Creative process and have Fun šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ƒ


Day 29 and 30 Better late than never… šŸ˜Š

I have finally finished my houseplant drawing challenge.. The final weekend was non-stop so had no time…
I have enjoyed this challenge so much and have got so much out of it.. Ideas for designs, improvement of drawing skills, and it’s true the more you do something the better you get…
I really appreciate the great feedback I have had on here and on my instagram Ā  http://instagram.com/amandaclairedesigns

My confidence has improved so much and I am looking forward to turning my drawings and paintings in to some beautiful patterns.

I am going to start My World on January 1st 2015.. A Drawing a day of things I find in my world… Really looking forward to this. It’s longer than a month but I draw everyday and I like a challenge..šŸ˜Š

A mix up with a few of my favorite plants :)
A mix up with a few of my favorite plants šŸ™‚

Day 16 – Houseplant Drawing Challenge :)

I have to say I am very impressed with myself for keeping this up, as I am very busy and not feeling to good at the moment.. Vertigo, feel seasick even though I am not at sea lol.. very odd
I am definitely going to be creating a pattern collection from the drawings I have produced Ā šŸ™‚ Ā I love making patterns, best thing ever.

This is my friends very large cactus
This is my friends very large cactus
Fineliners and watercolours
Fineliners and watercolours

Thank You for Summer School :)

I recently finished the intermediate part ofĀ The Make it in Design Summer SchoolĀ it was just what was needed to keep me going till moduleĀ 2 in October.Ā  IĀ really enjoyed being given a brief andĀ a colour palateĀ to work from it pushes you and makes you think about who and what you are designing forĀ and to use coloursĀ that took me out of my comfort zone. the briefs were so wellĀ set out and exciting and gave us valuable information on trends and other designers to look at for inspiration.

The second brief was to create an animal print, this brief was right up my street as IĀ am partial to a spot or to of animal print šŸ™‚Ā the whole process was is so much fun and IĀ get so much pleasure out of all the stages of designing and now I understand how to do mock ups it really brings the designs to life. I choose to mix zebra and snake.

Some of the sketchbook work for animal print design
Zebra and Snake Design bag mock up
Zebra and Snake Design bag mock-up


The final brief was feathers IĀ set about collecting up all my feathers IĀ hadĀ  and startedĀ the process, from previous post you will know about my passion forĀ using sketchbooks and was quite happy drawing away,Ā Due to going awayĀ  IĀ only had a weekĀ  to complete my design,IĀ was pleased with what IĀ got done, but will be re-working itĀ as IĀ got great feedback andĀ great suggestions for ideasĀ from the wonderful communityĀ that evolved from the Summer School and from moduleĀ 1, weĀ all there to support each other on our journeys at what ever stage we are at šŸ™‚

Feather Drawings
Feather Drawings from sketchbook


My Feather Design as wallpaper mock-up
My Feather Design as wallpaper mock-up

In such a short space ofĀ time IĀ have achievedĀ so much, if you would have told me in January of this year IĀ would be quittingĀ my job and going for it as AmandaĀ Claire Designs IĀ would have laughed in your face, IĀ was so unĀ confidentĀ about my work and my abilities but it just goes to show what you can happen if you put your mind to it. Face the fear and do it any way.

IĀ have anĀ excitingĀ journey ahead full of ups and downs,but IĀ am preparedĀ andĀ have never been so organisedĀ in my life, it just feels right and myĀ creativity is flowing and IĀ find myself smiling a lot. I have to work weekends to pay the bills and do the odd night shift but my week days are mine now its time to follow my dreams…:)

I Love Making Pattern :)

I had to share this as I am feeling pleased with myself more Retro Geometrics. Very inspired right now, getting groups of designs together, and can see them on products and my confidence grows more and more. Now I really should get dressed, its 15:30 and I have been playing all day šŸ™‚

My inspiration and confidence grows daily.
My inspiration and confidence grows daily.