1000 days of Drawing – Yay and Whoop to Me.

Today I have just drawn my 1000 consecutive daily drawing! To be honest I am very pleased with myself. It’s been a journey in to exploring my creative side and realising that being an artist is who I am and who I was always meant to be. 

When I started my daily drawing challenge in 2015 ,I don’t think I really realised what I was getting myself into. I had done a 30 day drawing challenge but committing to a whole year that was a different matter. So glad I did.Whats life without challenges, might as well set my own as it’s my rules.

Day1- How I Start My Day
Day1- 2015

There a lot more in between, I have surprised myself with how much art I have generated over the last 1000 days.

Day 1000 – 2017


Why I started daily practice 

In 2014 I learnt how to make a basic repeat pattern, it’s something I had wanted to learn for years, In 2005 I worked as a  screen printer in a studio which was shared by surface pattern designers I was fascinated and chatted with them loads and they where happy to show me what they where up to, but the job changed, time and life took over and I did nothing about it. So I had learnt the basics I wanted to learn more and I knew I had to be committed to this as there are so many people with the same dreams.

I love to draw but knew I need to practice and experiment more get out my comfort zone and just get on with it By starting the daily practice I was not letting my art be on the back burner but making part of my daily life

Daily Practice is taking something you do to the next level by committing to daily practice be it art , writing , meditation, exercise – you make a decision that you want to challenge yourself to see where it takes you, the only way to do that is to practice there are no short cuts the more you do something the better you get.

Don’t get me wrong some days it’s a struggle life can get in the way but you do find the time as it becomes part of your day. Sometimes  I am having a bad day , over thinking , or just can’t be arsed. But making the commitment means I have to just do it, regardless of what the art looks like as at times I make shit art but its all part of the process  It gets posted to Instagram and I go and have a beer,tomorrow is another day .

Confidence in my abilities as an artist and in myself as a person has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me over the last 1000 days  also learnt not to worry as much what other people think some will like your art some won’t just keep making it regardless, it’s all about daily practice. 

Tips on starting your own creatively daily practice 

  • You  make the rules you decided how you want to do it ,time, medium , size 
  • Start off with a 30 day challenge make your own list or follow somebody else’s 


  • This starts on the 1st of October you just make a drawing everyday that month there is a prompt list or you can make your own or just draw and see what happens.

(Last year I followed the prompt list last year but this year I am going to set my own.) 

  • Always have a sketchbook in your bag and don’t forget a pen I love my Lamy ink pen.
  • Try new materials use cheap sketchbooks make a mess go wrong, just have fun.
  • Draw things you have never drawn before.
  • You will find the time if you really want to do it, give yourself permission to have 30 mins a day to be creative. 
  • You dont have to show anyone just do it for yourself.                                                                          It’s so worth it for your mental wellbeing trust me I know.

I will continue with my daily drawing but will change and evolve but I know it’s part of my daily life and so happy it is.

The next stage is to get my website up and running it’s underway but it’s scary as this is the next big leap and just go for it there is no point making all this art and patterns if it’s all sitting in folders in my studio. Time to leap.

So I look forward to see where the next 1000 days takes me on my creative journey.

Week 8 and 9 My World Drawing Challenge

Hello here I am with a 2 weekly round-up of my drawing challenge. To be honest I lost my way a bit the last couple of weeks. Yes I am drawing every day which is good and I see the improvement in my drawing and observational skills and my confidence in myself.But I  realised I had lost sight of my goals. Goal setting is a new thing with me and its hard, I write them, break them down and then don’t quite stick to the dead lines I set myself.

So this week I decided to re-write my goals, and to reflect back on what I have achieved since March 2014

  • Discovered my love of pattern making.
  • Completed Module 1 and 2 of ABSPD
  • Challenged myself to a monthly drawing challenge of my houseplants
  • Set up a blog
  • Gave up smoking
  • Decided to quit main job and just work weekends
  • Turned my bedroom in to a beautiful creative space
  • Became self-employed as an artist as
  • Improve my skills on Ai and Ps
  • Connect with other pattern-makes around the world
  • Taking part in Bootcamp
  • Drawing everyday for a year challenge 
  • Becoming happy within myself and finding the tools to deal with the stressful times
  • Discovered how good meditation is

This really helped me to focus again and I feel very pleased with my achievements.

So here are my drawings from the last 2 weeks, some days I struggled with producing a drawing, but that’s why it’s called a challenge, its become part of my day and I will complete a year of daily drawing.

Also was so pleased as I have 500 followers on instagram and have received such lovely feedback from my daily drawings 🙂

Day 50 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 51 My World Drawing Challenge

               Day 52 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 53 My world drawing Challenge

Day 54 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 55  My world drawing challenge

Day 56 My world drawing Challenge                Day 57 My World drawing Challenge

Day 58 My world drawing challenge                 Day 59 My World Drawing Challenge

Treated myself to a dip-pen and ink, I have not used one for years so much fun, that’s whats so good when you challenge yourself it gets you out of your comfort zone and you try different things.

Day 60 My World Drawing Challenge                  IMG_1609

IMG_1610                   Day63 My World Drawing Challenge

Have a lovely creative week 🙂