2 Years of Daily Drawing Time for Year 3- Painting 💚

My Creative Space

What a beautiful morning to start following a dream,All ready to start my space is tidy,art materials gathered from around the flat ready for my first instructions. Luckily I have Monday and Tuesday off so I can start the week getting my creative flow going. I am a morning person so I can see my self quite happily getting up early and getting things done before work  ,the rest of the time I do 9-5 and the weekend I work shifts in a homeless hostel. But who needs sleep!!!

my creative space

my shelves

I share this space with my son we have half the table each,but I can see my self taking over a bit. but he knows this might happen. I enjoy being creative in my flat and have all my plants around for inspiration,fantastic light and great views 🙂


This one is older than my son and is now 23 yrs old,it started life as 2 leaves in a pot a bit neglected, but looks fab now and is enjoying the morning sun.


my balcony this year will be flowers and foliage my garden in the sky, just getting the sweet-peas ready,they are coming along nicely, I love to grow things, I talk to my plants and they seem to like it.

IMG_0688have a lovely day everyone I know I am going to 🙂