My trip to France, Daily Drawing and Inspiration. 

I have decided that my blog lacked something it was frankly a bit boring. The way I documented my daily drawing was uninspiring and that is not what I get from this year-long challenge, I am in fact,finding it very inspiring and empowering its helped my confidence in artistic ability, I am drawing new things trying different mediums and actually enjoying the daily proses, 6 months in and it become part of my day.

As I have said before I only found my creative purpose just over a year ago and for the 1st time in my life when someone asks me what I do, I get such a buzz saying I am an artist!! So leaving for France was so exciting as I was going there with artists eyes.

I put together a simple art materials kit to take with me.
      My art materials for my trip

I always feel so relaxed when I go there it’s so beautiful, being surrounded by nature is such an inspiration, new sounds smells sights, it’s a fantastic feast to the senses.

So I have decided to share photos of my trip and few of my daily drawings.
I have lovely friends who live in the beautiful village Auzas situated in the Midi Pyrenees in France, I have known them 20 yrs. they moved over about 5 yrs ago with their 3 young kids to what was a cow shed,with plenty of hard work and Harry’s carpentry skills it’s now, a stunning home. I visit regularly,I always feel very at home and enjoy myself laugh a lot,walk loads,hang out with the kids, and relax. I enjoy going on the school run , no cars just amazing scenery I love mountains they truly do have such a prescience in the landscape and change all year around.


I have been over to visit all different  times of the year so was excited to see how the countryside looked in May, the answer to that was oh so green so many different shades, lush would be a good word to sum up how it looked. You can’t help feeling creative in such a stunning place.



I love the view from the balcony, so many birds and bird song it was amazing, makes a change from listening to seagulls and the sounds of delivery vans first thing in the morning.

Day 140 - France copy                 Day 141 - France copy

Just a few of my photos as you can see its a beautiful place, even Aider loves to relax in the morning sun. I fell in love with roses while I was away and want a deep red climbing rose for my balcony, just so beautiful.

IMG_1095     IMG_1126    IMG_0019



I have always had a great love of trees, ever since I was a child I just enjoyed being in the woods. I climbed them, sat underneath them and from time to time I hug them.

My friends have some beautiful trees growing in their garden its great to see how much they have grown over the last few years,walking underneath them gives my a great feeling of calm. So I decided to paint a tree for my daily challenge, the sun was shining the sky was blue, which equals a very relaxing afternoon painting leaves.

I love the architecture in France and while sitting outside a bar in Saint Gauden I just had to start drawing the beautiful metalwork on the balcony of the building nearby .

IMG_1207   IMG_1212       

I realise that I must travel more and see and experience different place I realise how important visual stimulus is to being creative and how important keeping sketchbooks taking photos is for the design proses.

10502368_681963981932145_6267288878467472134_nSo I hope you have enjoyed, this blog update and its taken a while to come together, as since returning from France I had been making the decorations for my friends Glitter Wedding!! ( that’s another blog post 🙂 )

Week 17, 18 and 19 of My World Drawing Challenge

Yay, feeling very excited, finally caught up with my blog!!! In the morning I fly to South of France to visit my lovely friends the Rubythons.. Just under 2 weeks away oh bliss!! 🙂 My daily drawing will definitely have a French feel over the next few weeks, so excited , I will be drawing loads and taking time out, the only thing I have to do is upload my daily drawings.

So here are the last 3 weeks of my daily drawings, I will be re-writing goals while I am away, keeping up and enhancing my blog will be on the top of my list.

Day 113 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 114 My World Drawing Challenge

Day-115-My-World-Drawing-Challenge     Day-116- My-World-Drawing-Challenge

Day 118 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 119 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 120 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 121 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 122 My World Drawing Challenge     Day123 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 124 My World Drawing Challenge     My-World-Drawing-Challenge-Day-125

Day 126 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 127 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 128 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 129 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 131 My World Drawing Challenge     Day-130-My-World-Drawing-Challenge (1)

Day 132 My World Drawing Challenge     Day 133 My World Drawing Challenge


Week 12 and 13 – My world Drawing Challenge

As always a bit behind with my blog up date about my drawing challenge. I think I need to face my fear of writing blog posts, anyone have any tips? they would be gratefully received.

     Day 78 My World Drawing Challenge           Day 79 My World Drawing Challenge

    Day 80 My world drawing challenge            Day 81 My World Drawing Challenge

    Day 82 My world drawing Challenge            Day-83-My-World-Drawing-Challenge copy

     Day-84-My-World-Drawing-Challenge           Day 85 My World Drawing Challenge

     IMG_1686           Day 88 My World Drawing Challenge

     Day 87 My World Drawing Challenge           Day 89 - My World drawing Challenge

     IMG_1697           IMG_1701

Week 10 and 11 My World Drawing Challenge

Good morning,

it’s a beautiful day in Brighton, sun is shinning and I must catch up with my blogging 🙂 Why i keep putting it off I am not quite sure, writing is not my strong point but the more I write the better it will get. I know that’s true as my drawing has improved so much since starting this challenge, the last few weeks have been hard as I seem to be leaving my daily drawing to the end of the day, then I am tired and not sure what to draw, but I just get on with it and its at those times some of my favourite drawing happen, just enjoying the proses not thinking about the end result.

Have a lovely day 🙂

                Day 64 My world Drawing Challenge          Day 65 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 66 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 67 My world drawing challenge

                Day 68 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 69 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 70 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 71 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 72 - My World Drawing Challenge          Day 73 My World srawing challenge

                Day74 My world Drawing Challenge          Day 75 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 76 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 77 My World Drawing Challenge

Week 5 and 6 – Round Up – My World Drawing Challenge

I have decided to put these two weeks together, as I have seemed to confuse myself as to where my week starts and finishes. I am so pleased with myself for keeping up my daily drawing,I can see the improvement in my drawing skills I am becoming more confident and experimenting and just going for it, as I have to produce something everyday. Also when I am tired and it’s getting late in the day and I still have not put pen to paper, I get in a slight panic and think what am I going to do, those days I seen to produce some of my freer drawings. So pleased I am doing this Yay for challenging yourself, everyone should do it once in a while 🙂


Day 29 My World Drawing Challengecopy
I was really unsure of how to depict the view from my window at night time, as it seemed overwhelming. But I am glad I went for it. pleased with the outcome 🙂

Day 30 My World Drawing Challenge
After yesterday could not resist doing another one, love working just in paint, most enjoyable 🙂


Day 31 My World Drawing Challenge
Pen and Ink windows – can see patterns in this 🙂


Day 32 My World Drawing Challenge
More windows 🙂


Day 33 My World Drawing Challenge
I am very lucky to live very near Brighton Pavillion , the have stunning windows 🙂


Day 34 - My World Drawing Challengepsd
I love painting Flowers 🙂


Day 35 My world drawing challenge
Was sitting on the train back from London – Little Birds


Day 36 My world drawing challenge
Random Thursday 🙂


Day 37 My World Drawing Challenge
This is the first painting of a face, I have painted in years. I love the work of Frida Kahlo.


Day 38 My World Drawing Challenge
I love Flowers 🙂


Day 39 My World Drawing Challenge
View from my window 🙂



As this is a personal drawing challenge, I have decided to tackle things that I find hard and have done for years. so I will face the fear and practice perspective drawing, to ease myself in to this I have decided on Chair Week

Day 40 My World Drawing Challenge
Chair Week – This beautiful rocking chair was given to me by a lovely friend, it was her grans. I love sitting in it and watch clouds 🙂


Day 41 My world drawing Challenge
Chairs are hard to draw, but this is a challenge 🙂


Day 42 My World Drawing Challenge
More Chairs 🙂


My World Drawing Challenge – Wk 3 Round-up

Week 3 already and a lot is going on in my world. firstly I am loving my daily drawing challenge, even the days when I have been working on something else and it getting late, the commitment is made I must draw something everyday and I do with surprising results. I do love to draw and even after 3 weeks I am improving. Yay!! It’s all about practice.

So this week I have been working on my Journal cover for Bootcamp which I have been enjoying so much , lovely and supportive group and it gets me out of my comfort zone, from the initial brief and the colour palette. I promised myself that I would stick with the colour palette given as I tend to go with ones with colours I like. I will post the finished piece in next weeks update.

This week I pushed myself and drew my first self-portrait in over 10 years!!!! it was a very hard thing to do but also quite liberating , looking at yourself in such detail is an eye opener. I will be doing more, I thought 1 a month is reasonable.

I love drawing  Mandalas, very good way to calm the mind, and to draw without any idea how its going to turn out. its just about the process :)
I love drawing Mandalas, very good way to calm the mind, and to draw without any idea how its going to turn out. its just about the process 🙂
My 1st self-portrait !!!!!!!
My 1st self-portrait !!!!!!!
I love Bird and Bear :)
I love Bird and Bear 🙂
I love little tins, found this at a carboot sale :)
I love little tins, found this at a carboot sale 🙂
I was inspired by the little tin, I love things in pots.
I was inspired by the little tin, I love things in pots.
Thai is my most favorite drawing tool my lamy fine nib fountain pen :)
Thai is my most favorite drawing tool my lamy fine nib fountain pen 🙂
This little drawing was inspired by poppyhead and little pots :)
This little drawing was inspired by poppyhead and little pots 🙂

the wonderful thing is,I have so many ideas for designs and illustrations, just from my daily drawings, it makes me very happy 🙂

You can see more of my work on instagram and on Facebook Amanda Claire Designs

Thank you so much for reading this, creativity is so important in our lives, it makes us feel good and takes us away and puts us in our own little world.

I am blessed and happy that I have finally made time to follow my creative path and I am so excited, who knows what is just around the corner 🙂