2 Years of Daily Drawing Time for Year 3- Painting ūüíö

Change, taking a leap and Sofa-doodles

I am very behind with my blog posts, it’s something I find hard to do, or do I make it harder on my self by overthinking.. Mmm let me think about that.

At the end of last year I had made plans and had some sort of idea of what  I was going to be doing in 2016, at the beginning of the year it all that changed.

The job that paid my bills and allowed me the time to establish my self as an artist, was taking its toll on my mental wellbeing , I noticed I was becoming sad and the things I was experiencing at work where playing on my mind, then one Sunday after a particularly hard shift I broke down and cried.

Calm you mind – Draw a Mandala

I knew then it was time to change, I was signed of for stress at work. I knew if I had carried on I would have had a break down and that would impact my life dramatically, 3 months on and I am no longer doing that job. I have realised that in life things just happen,sometimes they don’t impact much but other times it changes everything,¬†first it throws you into turmoil but once you look at the bigger picture and realise it’s time to take that leap of faith and make your dreams reality. So I am leaping, not landed yet but I know the ground is there.

During the last few months I realised for me how creativity and good mental well-being go hand-in-hand and how important my art has been in supporting me through this topsy-turvy time. I found my self sitting on the sofa and just drawing in my sketchbook I call them my sofa doodles. Half the time I would be drawing before I had even realised but it helped calm my mind and relaxes me.


Sofa Doodles
Sunday morning sofa doodles




More flowery sofa doodles









I have been meditating on and off for over a year and know the benefits but decided that i at this time it was important for me so I have the Headspace app and now do this daily and it helps me loads.

Daily practice is key as even through all of this I have still kept up my daily drawing and this year its¬†sketching people, I was quite daunted at first but unlike last year I¬†have given my self up to an hour a day, it’s now part of my day, my confidence in sketching people has improved, ¬†even been to life drawing classes,first time for years.

My plans have been altered,but change is good and I am going with the flow  with a smile on my face and with a happy heart I take my next steps. If I get a bit lost on the way I have the support of family and friends, and my online creative network is wonderfully supportive and helpful.

So look out world I am here and will finally be setting up my Etsy shop over the next few weeks. Staring with prints of my work, this is the next big step for me of getting my art out there.


Thank you

Amanda Claire Designs




2015 the year I completed my 1st Daily Drawing Challenge!

YAY, WHOOP and WOW feeling a massive sense of achievement. Today I finished my 1st yearlong daily drawing challenge. I chose to finish the year drawing a Mandala,with my favourite pen my Lamy.

Time for a little dance!


2015 has been a truly creative year, its good to reflect and acknowledge your achievements.For me it was drawing something everyday and posting it online.When I started this challenge I did not realise how much it would change things, so I wanted to share with you things I have discovered through out the year.

Key things I have discovered this year

I LOVE BEING AN ARTIST I know this is my life, Its not the easiest route to take but I love a challenge and most of all I am proud to call my self an artist. I just love drawing so much.

CONFIDENCE¬†‚Äď Improved 100% as an artist and on a personal level.

ABILITYI have drawn things this year I have never drawn before,and really enjoyed discovering with practice I can draw anything.

LEARNINGРI love learning and have finally getting to grips with Ps.Had sewing classes learnt to use my sewing machine, so much fun. Also learning Spanish and French,a little every day slowly improving.

PRACTICE– this is the one thing that only you can do, its all about the practice, the more you do something the better you get.It really is that simple.

PASSIONMaking art, experimenting, having fun just being me the artist, the happiest I have been for a long time. Not worrying what other people might think of it but just enjoying the proses. some will like your art and some wont,its not a problem its just the way it is.

TIMEРHave been getting more organised so I have time to make art and learn. I have got much better but know I can improve,being organised suits me. Oh how times have changed!

SOFA -DOODLES– I just love sitting on the sofa with my sketchbook and just drawing whatever I feel like, I let my pen wander and just relax, creative meditation

SKETCHBOOK Use them everyday, I love my sketchbooks they are my place to play and explore, and I never leave home without one. Its good to look back and discover sketches and then rework them, this year I have filled over 7.


ONLINE COMMUNITY  I am lucky to have found an amazing online community of artist,designers,illustrators and surface pattern designs. we are from all over the world but we all support and help each other on our creative journeys.

Most of all when we put our minds to it we can achieve anything we want to.

As I enjoyed it so much I have decided to challenge myself in 2016 with Daily People Sketching


I found this wonderful blog post with 10 Tips for How to Sketch People

The one fear I want to overcome is sketching people; I have always seen and admired artists sitting in a café, sketching people, so this year I will embrace this fear and go for it.At the end of May I am off traveling for 2 months in Europe when I am away my  goal  is that I will be confident enough to sit in a café and sketch people. I have said it now,its out there.

I will give myself a time limit of up to an hour a day,use any medium.I have called it sketching as this is not about producing a finished drawing everyday but about me learning, looking and finally understanding the human form and how to capture it.

So you can follow me on Instagram , Facebook  and Twitter and see how I get on.

A big THANK YOU for all your lovely comments over this year,it spurs you on and helps you to continue and not to give up.

I would highly recommend taking up a daily challenge for a year, its so worth doing.



Join me this November and try a 30-day daily drawing Challenge

I would like to invite you to join me on your very own drawing challenge this November and see why I recommend adding the commitment to daily drawing in your life.

With only 100 days left of my year-long daily drawing challenge and I decided to share with you some of the things I have noticed since taking up this challenge and how you can challenge your creative side.

I sat at my desk the other morning and took time to sit and look at the space around me and felt so proud as I love my Studio in the Sky it was only created in October last year but it feels like it’s always been here I cried not because I was sad but because I was happy. My confidence in my drawing is like nothing I’ve ever felt before I know that a lot of this is down committing to the daily drawing challenge this year and it‚Äôs not even over yet. I feel so creatively fulfilled and I am excited to see where the last 100 days of this year will take me.

My Studio in the SKy
                                    My Studio in the Sky

I believe being creative every-day and making it part of your day is so important. Because I feel so strongly about daily creativity and how it’s made me feel I want to share it with people and I want people to understand and try it for themselves, and experience how daily creativity is so worthwhile and all its many benefits.


  • CONFIDENCE ‚Äď This is what has surprised me so much, it’s not just the confidence in my drawing my overall confidence has grown 100%. This has been noticed by others people to. I feel confident to call myself an artist.
  • DRAWING SKILLS ‚Äď It’s really true what they say the more you do something the better you get. I experiment more with ideas and draw things I have never drawn before. I really enjoy drawing and if the subject is out of my comfort zone, I just give it a go and see what happens; some times the end results can be quite surprising.


  • YOU CAN FIND THE TIME ‚Äď If you really want to you can find the time, you can just set your self a time limit that you spend on the drawing ‚Äď we can all find 30 minutes in a day. It’s important to take time for ourselves its good for our mental wellbeing by taking 30 mins to sit and draw or doodle, is a form of meditation it helps calm the mind and is relaxing.
  • THINGS YOU LEARN ‚Äď Not everyone will like your work and that‚Äôs ok, you can‚Äôt please everyone.Sometimes I have posted a drawing online and I am really not happy with it but it will get the most likes. The ones you think are really good don‚Äôt get so much response. So now I don‚Äôt worry and I enjoy making it and if it’s liked it a bonus.I realize that the process of making the art is as important as the finished piece. When I stopped thinking what it would look like and started enjoying making the art, experimenting with materials, drawing new things I find the art I make now much more exciting.

I really recommend reading: Steal Like An Artist (10 things nobody told you about being creative.) BY AUSTIN KLEON


I have read it a few times is an easy read and makes a lot of sense and opened the door to a new world of creative possibilities

  • SKETCHBOOKS ‚Äď Have them and use them, I could not be with out mine and have been using them for over 20 yrs. They are a place where you are free to do what ever you like; you don‚Äôt have to show anyone.So far this year I have filled over 6 books. They are so important as when you‚Äôre feeling a bit uninspired you can grab a few and flick through the pages, I guarantee you will find something that you have done that will get your inspiration flowing again.

IMG_2504         IMG_2523

Starting with a 30-day challenge is a great way to get a feel of what daily drawing is and how it is a reachable goal. Last November I set my self a 30-day challenge to draw my houseplants. It was good fun but scary as I had committed myself and posted online that I would be doing this, but I completed it and was very pleased with myself. This then helped me to decide to commit to a year-long drawing challenge.

So join me this November and try a 30-day daily drawing challenge. It will have a winter theme and I will put together a list, which I will share a few weeks before it starts.

This is open for anyone to join any age or artistic ability it’s about having fun and reconnecting with your creative side.You may know a friend that might benefit from trying this daily drawing challenge. Please pass on this post or tell them about it.

If you would like to ask any questions please send me a message on here or my Facebook page Amanda Claire Designs or email me amandaclairedesigns@yahoo.co.uk and I will be happy to answer them.

If you would like to join in November’s Daily Drawing Challenge and share your drawings We will be posting¬†drawings on Instagram, adding this tag to you pictures #Novemberdailydrawing2015¬†¬† as I would love to see how you are getting on.

Daily drawing has brought so many benefits to my creativity and can for anyone. JOIN ME! I look forward to sharing.


My trip to France, Daily Drawing and Inspiration. 

I have decided that my blog lacked something it was frankly a bit boring. The way I documented my daily drawing was uninspiring and that is not what I get from this year-long challenge, I am in fact,finding it very inspiring and empowering its helped my confidence in artistic ability, I am drawing new things trying different mediums and actually enjoying the daily proses, 6 months in and it become part of my day.

As I have said before I only found my creative purpose just over a year ago and for the 1st time in my life when someone asks me what I do, I get such a buzz saying I am an artist!! So leaving for France was so exciting as I was going there with artists eyes.

I put together a simple art materials kit to take with me.
      My art materials for my trip

I always feel so relaxed when I go there it’s so beautiful, being surrounded by nature is such an inspiration, new sounds smells sights, it’s a fantastic feast to the senses.

So I have decided to share photos of my trip and few of my daily drawings.
I have lovely friends who live in the¬†beautiful village Auzas situated in the Midi¬†Pyrenees in France, I¬†have known them 20 yrs. they moved over about 5 yrs ago with their 3 young kids to what was a cow shed,with plenty of hard work and Harry’s carpentry skills it’s now, a stunning home. I visit regularly,I always feel very at home¬†and enjoy myself laugh a lot,walk loads,hang out with the kids, and relax.¬†I enjoy going on the school run , no cars just amazing scenery I love mountains they truly do have such a prescience in the landscape and change all year around.


I¬†have been over to visit all different ¬†times of the year so was excited to see how the countryside looked in May, the answer to that was oh so green so many different shades, lush would be a good word to sum up how it looked. You can’t help feeling creative in such a stunning place.



I love the view from the balcony, so many birds and bird song it was amazing, makes a change from listening to seagulls and the sounds of delivery vans first thing in the morning.

Day 140 - France copy                 Day 141 - France copy

Just a few of my photos as you can see its a beautiful place, even Aider loves to relax in the morning sun. I fell in love with roses while I was away and want a deep red climbing rose for my balcony, just so beautiful.

IMG_1095     IMG_1126    IMG_0019



I have always had a great love of trees, ever since I was a child I just enjoyed being in the woods. I climbed them, sat underneath them and from time to time I hug them.

My friends have some beautiful trees growing in their garden its great to see how much they have grown over the last few years,walking underneath them gives my a great feeling of calm. So I decided to paint a tree for my daily challenge, the sun was shining the sky was blue, which equals a very relaxing afternoon painting leaves.

I love the architecture in France and while sitting outside a bar in Saint Gauden I just had to start drawing the beautiful metalwork on the balcony of the building nearby .

IMG_1207   IMG_1212       

I realise that I must travel more and see and experience different place I realise how important visual stimulus is to being creative and how important keeping sketchbooks taking photos is for the design proses.

10502368_681963981932145_6267288878467472134_nSo I hope you have enjoyed, this blog update and its taken a while to come together, as since returning from France I¬†had been making the decorations for my friends Glitter Wedding!! ( that’s¬†another blog post ūüôā )

Week 14, 15 and 16 – My World Drawing Challenge!

Well I have made it to and passed my 1st 100 days.. Yay me!!! feeling very pleased.

Really enjoy re-looking at the art I created over the last 100 days, getting a great body of work to use and improve and take further, so many ideas. I am also finding that I am drawing more and being more experimentally pushing my self, seeing this more in my pattern designs to. Loving the progress I have made over the past year, in my art and confidence and realising how important having a creative life is.Looking forward to seeing what happens in another years time, life is exciting.

Day 92 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 93 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 94 My World Drawing Challenge    Day-95-My-World-Drawing-Challenge jpg

Day 96 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 97 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 98 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 99 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 100 My world drawing challenge    Day 101 My world drawing challenge

Day 102 My world drawing challenge    Day 103 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 104 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 105 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 106 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 107 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 108 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 109 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 110 My World Drawing Challenge    Day 111 My World Drawing Challenge

Day 112 My World Drawing Challenge

Week 12 and 13 – My world Drawing Challenge

As always a bit behind with my blog up date about my drawing challenge. I think I need to face my fear of writing blog posts, anyone have any tips? they would be gratefully received.

     Day 78 My World Drawing Challenge           Day 79 My World Drawing Challenge

    Day 80 My world drawing challenge            Day 81 My World Drawing Challenge

    Day 82 My world drawing Challenge            Day-83-My-World-Drawing-Challenge copy

     Day-84-My-World-Drawing-Challenge           Day 85 My World Drawing Challenge

     IMG_1686           Day 88 My World Drawing Challenge

     Day 87 My World Drawing Challenge           Day 89 - My World drawing Challenge

     IMG_1697           IMG_1701

Week 10 and 11 My World Drawing Challenge

Good morning,

it’s a beautiful day in Brighton, sun is shinning and I¬†must¬†catch up with my blogging ūüôā Why i keep putting it off I am not quite sure, writing is not my strong point but the more I write¬†the better it will get. I know that’s true as my drawing has improved so much since starting this challenge, the last few weeks have been hard as I¬†seem to be leaving my daily drawing to the end of¬†the day, then I¬†am tired and not sure what to draw, but I¬†just get on with it and its at those times some of my favourite drawing happen, just enjoying the proses not thinking about the end result.

Have a lovely day ūüôā

                Day 64 My world Drawing Challenge          Day 65 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 66 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 67 My world drawing challenge

                Day 68 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 69 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 70 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 71 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 72 - My World Drawing Challenge          Day 73 My World srawing challenge

                Day74 My world Drawing Challenge          Day 75 My World Drawing Challenge

                Day 76 My World Drawing Challenge          Day 77 My World Drawing Challenge

Week 8 and 9 My World Drawing Challenge

Hello here I am with a 2 weekly round-up of my drawing challenge. To be honest I lost my way a bit the last couple of weeks. Yes I am drawing every day which is good and I see the improvement in my drawing and observational skills and my confidence in myself.But I  realised I had lost sight of my goals. Goal setting is a new thing with me and its hard, I write them, break them down and then don’t quite stick to the dead lines I set myself.

So this week I decided to re-write my goals, and to reflect back on what I have achieved since March 2014

  • Discovered my love of pattern making.
  • Completed Module 1 and 2 of ABSPD
  • Challenged myself to a monthly drawing challenge of my houseplants
  • Set up a blog
  • Gave up smoking
  • Decided to quit main job and just work weekends
  • Turned my bedroom in to a beautiful creative space
  • Became self-employed as an artist as
  • Improve my skills on Ai and Ps
  • Connect with other pattern-makes around the world
  • Taking part in Bootcamp
  • Drawing everyday for a year challenge 
  • Becoming happy within myself and finding the tools to deal with the stressful times
  • Discovered how good meditation is

This really helped me to focus again and I feel very pleased with my achievements.

So here are my drawings from the last 2 weeks, some days I struggled with producing a drawing, but that’s why it’s called a challenge, its become part of my day and I will complete a year of daily drawing.

Also was so pleased as I have 500 followers on instagram and have received such lovely feedback from my daily drawings ūüôā

Day 50 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 51 My World Drawing Challenge

               Day 52 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 53 My world drawing Challenge

Day 54 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 55  My world drawing challenge

Day 56 My world drawing Challenge                Day 57 My World drawing Challenge

Day 58 My world drawing challenge                 Day 59 My World Drawing Challenge

Treated myself to a dip-pen and ink, I have not used one for years so much fun, that’s whats so good when you challenge yourself it gets you out of your comfort zone and you try different things.

Day 60 My World Drawing Challenge                  IMG_1609

IMG_1610                   Day63 My World Drawing Challenge

Have a lovely creative week ūüôā