Week 8 and 9 My World Drawing Challenge

Hello here I am with a 2 weekly round-up of my drawing challenge. To be honest I lost my way a bit the last couple of weeks. Yes I am drawing every day which is good and I see the improvement in my drawing and observational skills and my confidence in myself.But I  realised I had lost sight of my goals. Goal setting is a new thing with me and its hard, I write them, break them down and then don’t quite stick to the dead lines I set myself.

So this week I decided to re-write my goals, and to reflect back on what I have achieved since March 2014

  • Discovered my love of pattern making.
  • Completed Module 1 and 2 of ABSPD
  • Challenged myself to a monthly drawing challenge of my houseplants
  • Set up a blog
  • Gave up smoking
  • Decided to quit main job and just work weekends
  • Turned my bedroom in to a beautiful creative space
  • Became self-employed as an artist as
  • Improve my skills on Ai and Ps
  • Connect with other pattern-makes around the world
  • Taking part in Bootcamp
  • Drawing everyday for a year challenge 
  • Becoming happy within myself and finding the tools to deal with the stressful times
  • Discovered how good meditation is

This really helped me to focus again and I feel very pleased with my achievements.

So here are my drawings from the last 2 weeks, some days I struggled with producing a drawing, but that’s why it’s called a challenge, its become part of my day and I will complete a year of daily drawing.

Also was so pleased as I have 500 followers on instagram and have received such lovely feedback from my daily drawings ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 50 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 51 My World Drawing Challenge

               Day 52 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 53 My world drawing Challenge

Day 54 My World Drawing Challenge                Day 55  My world drawing challenge

Day 56 My world drawing Challenge                Day 57 My World drawing Challenge

Day 58 My world drawing challenge                 Day 59 My World Drawing Challenge

Treated myself to a dip-pen and ink, I have not used one for years so much fun, that’s whats so good when you challenge yourself it gets you out of your comfort zone and you try different things.

Day 60 My World Drawing Challenge                  IMG_1609

IMG_1610                   Day63 My World Drawing Challenge

Have a lovely creative week ๐Ÿ™‚

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