Week 5 and 6 – Round Up – My World Drawing Challenge

I have decided to put these two weeks together, as I have seemed to confuse myself as to where my week starts and finishes. I am so pleased with myself for keeping up my daily drawing,I can see the improvement in my drawing skills I am becoming more confident and experimenting and just going for it, as I have to produce something everyday. Also when I am tired and it’s getting late in the day and I still have not put pen to paper, I get in a slight panic and think what am I going to do, those days I seen to produce some of my freer drawings. So pleased I am doing this Yay for challenging yourself, everyone should do it once in a while 🙂


Day 29 My World Drawing Challengecopy
I was really unsure of how to depict the view from my window at night time, as it seemed overwhelming. But I am glad I went for it. pleased with the outcome 🙂

Day 30 My World Drawing Challenge
After yesterday could not resist doing another one, love working just in paint, most enjoyable 🙂


Day 31 My World Drawing Challenge
Pen and Ink windows – can see patterns in this 🙂


Day 32 My World Drawing Challenge
More windows 🙂


Day 33 My World Drawing Challenge
I am very lucky to live very near Brighton Pavillion , the have stunning windows 🙂


Day 34 - My World Drawing Challengepsd
I love painting Flowers 🙂


Day 35 My world drawing challenge
Was sitting on the train back from London – Little Birds


Day 36 My world drawing challenge
Random Thursday 🙂


Day 37 My World Drawing Challenge
This is the first painting of a face, I have painted in years. I love the work of Frida Kahlo.


Day 38 My World Drawing Challenge
I love Flowers 🙂


Day 39 My World Drawing Challenge
View from my window 🙂



As this is a personal drawing challenge, I have decided to tackle things that I find hard and have done for years. so I will face the fear and practice perspective drawing, to ease myself in to this I have decided on Chair Week

Day 40 My World Drawing Challenge
Chair Week – This beautiful rocking chair was given to me by a lovely friend, it was her grans. I love sitting in it and watch clouds 🙂


Day 41 My world drawing Challenge
Chairs are hard to draw, but this is a challenge 🙂


Day 42 My World Drawing Challenge
More Chairs 🙂


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