Day-6- Houseplant Drawing Challenge :)


This morning I spent making patterns and breakthroughs on the computer, I seem to be making new discovers every day, just so happy, that I took that leap of fear and went for it,I have never been so disciplined ever!! and I like it

I spent the afternoon visiting friends and decided to draw one of my friends houseplants today as he has so many beautiful ones,so I chose this one. He even gave me a leaf to take home so I can really look at it some more, the pattern on the leaf is stunning as is the whole plant, Nature is so beautiful 🙂 ( not sure what it’s called if anyone knows let me know, thank you 🙂 )



Lamy pen and Blue fineliner.
Lamy pen and Blue fineliner.




2 thoughts on “Day-6- Houseplant Drawing Challenge :)

  1. It might be a kind of prayer plant (maranta)? It looks quite similar anyhow. I love drawing their leaves. Your drawings are really beautiful!

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