Thank You for Summer School :)

I recently finished the intermediate part of The Make it in Design Summer School it was just what was needed to keep me going till module 2 in October.  I really enjoyed being given a brief and a colour palate to work from it pushes you and makes you think about who and what you are designing for and to use colours that took me out of my comfort zone. the briefs were so well set out and exciting and gave us valuable information on trends and other designers to look at for inspiration.

The second brief was to create an animal print, this brief was right up my street as I am partial to a spot or to of animal print 🙂 the whole process was is so much fun and I get so much pleasure out of all the stages of designing and now I understand how to do mock ups it really brings the designs to life. I choose to mix zebra and snake.

Some of the sketchbook work for animal print design
Zebra and Snake Design bag mock up
Zebra and Snake Design bag mock-up


The final brief was feathers I set about collecting up all my feathers I had  and started the process, from previous post you will know about my passion for using sketchbooks and was quite happy drawing away, Due to going away  I only had a week  to complete my design,I was pleased with what I got done, but will be re-working it as I got great feedback and great suggestions for ideas from the wonderful community that evolved from the Summer School and from module 1, we all there to support each other on our journeys at what ever stage we are at 🙂

Feather Drawings
Feather Drawings from sketchbook


My Feather Design as wallpaper mock-up
My Feather Design as wallpaper mock-up

In such a short space of time I have achieved so much, if you would have told me in January of this year I would be quitting my job and going for it as Amanda Claire Designs I would have laughed in your face, I was so un confident about my work and my abilities but it just goes to show what you can happen if you put your mind to it. Face the fear and do it any way.

I have an exciting journey ahead full of ups and downs,but I am prepared and have never been so organised in my life, it just feels right and my creativity is flowing and I find myself smiling a lot. I have to work weekends to pay the bills and do the odd night shift but my week days are mine now its time to follow my dreams…:)

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