It’s time to Follow my Dreams and my Hearts Desire….

Being-Creative-Makes-You-Happy-copyIt’s happening I have taken the plunge I have handed in my notice to my week job, and got a weekend post at a Homeless Hostel in Brighton. I can now follow my artistic purpose and spend time getting  Amanda Claire Designs up and running.

I am also working with a friend and running Mandala Revolution ( you can find us on Facebook) here we want to spread the Mandala love and show people how important being creative process is for mental wellbeing and that anyone can create a Mandala and it can be made from anything to. We will be setting up workshops and will be running one in a couple of weeks at the Uk Hoop Gathering looking forward to hanging out with lovely people from far and wide, the hoop community is a friendly community to be involved in.

I am so excited a little scared but it feels ok I know it takes courage but it is so important I go for it.
I am producing designs that I feel are not to bad and other people like and comment positively. The only way is to keep producing designs finding my style. I love the process of creating designs from the initial ideas in my sketchbooks then I lose myself on my mac. I am improving my skills on illustrator and am excited by the things I can do. I have finally taken the plunge and using Photoshop and so glad . There are some great tutorials online that have helped me.

For the first time I am writing goals and thinking about my artist future, as like most people things pop into your head, and try to put you off make you doubt yourself… Luckily I have strong support from family and friends and the wonderful ladies from Make it in design Module 1 , we still use our Facebook page to support each other with positive advice tips and comments.

There are things that I need to change I am learning to be more organised and be more disciplined with my time, as this is important when working on your own, lots of mind mapping and list making.

It’s only 5 months ago when I took part in the course and since then my journey has begun and  thank the day I came across it has changed my life. I am currently taking part in  the Summer School they are running and have been working on the intermediate brief, retro geometries. I have submitted my design and am quite pleased with it, I have followed the brief and have enjoyed the process.

A close up of the design i submitted to the Summer School
A close up of the design i submitted to the Summer School

3 thoughts on “It’s time to Follow my Dreams and my Hearts Desire….

  1. well done you amanda starting off your creative venture is always a scary one but i admire you even more because you’ve truly decided to dedicate yourself to your career where as I’m currently working my “cinderella job” as I call it whilst I build up my inky empire. All your efforts will be worth it though I have no dbout 🙂 can’t wait to see more designs you come up with on the summer school briefs 🙂 x kate

    1. Thank you, I am 44 and my sons 22 now and doing his own thing so I have time to do it, so excited and slightly overwhelmed but list writing and meditation seem to help and drawing of course lol 😊
      When the time is right you will take that step.. Amanda 😊

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