Pattern Pattern Everywhere…..

My head is full of pattern, we were warned this would happen, the other day everything I looked at I saw  a pattern or motif , it seemed  highlighted with blue lines, thankfully the blues lines have gone 🙂  I think I underestimated what doing this course would  mean to me. it’s ignited this complete passion I have for pattern, it’s been smouldering away inside of me not quite able to burn bright, to scared to. I don’t feel scared anymore, overwhelmed at times but in a good way, the creative path is never a smooth one, but it’s so exciting and I am happy to see where it takes me.

The course is so well put together and makes you think and gets you to try new things get out of your comfort zone and just go for it,as once the 4th eye is opened (the pattern eye) there is no stopping you, all I can think about is the task set, the rest of your daily life seem to take a back seat. I was on the computer the other evening after work and I looked up and it had gone dark, the flat was in darkness and the only light was coming from my screen. 4 hours had passed as I happily played on illustrator creating patterns.

heronLooked at this design by Tom Frost and deconstructed re-drew and came up with this, so much fun and such a good way to expand ideas and be free to try anything.

Design and Colour inspired by a Tom Frost Design

Week 2 was all about sketching,mark making this for me is what I do a lot of and feel comfortable drawing away in my sketchbooks, visual diaries of my life for the last 23, leaves and patterns seem a recurring theme. The realisation I could pick something out of my sketch book and finally know what to do with it was a very emotional experience, a light bulb moment. I know I have a lot to learn but thankful I am now on the right road.

My World in Sketchbooks

Am really enjoying looking back through some old sketch books found one from 1991, I was 21 and living in a tent in Devon. My love of pattern has always been there. Time to go still doing stuff from week 3 and week 4 starts tomorrow, what exciting things will be in store for us all can’t wait. 🙂

From A sketchbook dated 1991
From A sketchbook dated 1991

4 thoughts on “Pattern Pattern Everywhere…..

  1. Lovely post about this great course 🙂 totally agree with the 4th eye – the way you see patterns and color will never be the same again!!

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