What a week…..

I am in pattern heaven, last week was truly amazing, I know that this course was the right thing to do.

Check out website for info and inspiration http://www.makeitindesign.com

Now I know what to do with the years of scribbling,doodles and patterns in my sketchbooks. I feel invigorated and full of a new sense of purpose and the belief that little me can and will achieve my dream of becoming a Surface Pattern Designer.

My confidence is growing day by day, the course is set out so well and the support from the group is supportive there is room for all of us in the surface pattern world. The more we chat with each other the stronger the support gets, and finding out about each others stories is fab.

I was out about in the rain this week taking photos of rectangles, drawing chillies and looking at the world with new eyes and I can’t stop smiling. here’s some bits from my sketch book last week





This was such great fun as I normal work with organic shapes, so it was good to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. talking of something different I went inside the Royal Pavilion for the first time, only been living in Brighton 17 yrs.

P1020120I was so surprised it was decadent and over the top but so worth going, you can take photos,I was frantically sketching bits and pieces to create motifs later, will be going back so many pattens



And finally it was mothers day on Sunday and my mum has been so supportive of my journey and without her love and support I don’t think I would have got this far.

I always make her mother’s day card and this year I decided to be a bit more experimental, so I used one of my paintings as a background and some elements I had created on illustrator.


Have a great week, smile and be happy.

One thought on “What a week…..

  1. Don’t know where you get it from. Certainly not my side of the family. I came bottom in Art when I was at school. X x

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