Sketchbook work 2014

I love using my sketchbooks to me they are a visual diary of my life,being dyslexic I find writing a challenge but in my sketchbooks I can just be myself, drawing is a secret language to me there are no spelling mistakes.IMG_0669

When I look back at them I can tell what mood I was in by the way I draw,I tend not to write little or nothing in them,as for some reason it feels strange that if I do people will be able to see how I really feel and by just drawing its private only I know what I was feeling. As you can see from these few pages I was slightly obsessed with my lovely fountain pen with turquoise ink…mmmmm lovely


When I do write in them I make spelling mistakes Clam the mind,it did make me laugh, I even spelt mandala wrong and that’s a word I use a lot, definitely had stuff on my mind.

IMG_06756 days now until I start the course, getting my self prepared so any spare time will be spent enjoying  and learning from the course and finally getting my drawings out of my sketchbook and in to patterns that can be used. every spare hour when I am not working will be dedicated to this and for 5 weeks nothing else matters this is my time to shine.

I have been preparing my self for this meditating every day, cut out alcohol and meat,early nights,hula-hooping and yoga every week,decided to get up for 5 every morning so I can get stuff done before I do my day job. I have 1 chance this year to do this course and I will give it 100% what have I got to lose, absolutely nothing.

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